Sunday, April 26, 2015


Many times we get this warning message when creating a ramp in Revit

Let's check the ramp's type properties to see what's going on:

The responsible here is the "Maximum incline length" parameter which controls the maximum length of the RAMP itself. It is set by default at 12.00m, so I usually change it to 100m to avoid further trouble.

Now let's take a look at the slope. In Mexico we use percentage for slopes, so it's a bit confusing to understan what the "Ramp Max Slope 1/x"....means, and we have to figure out what the default value of 12.000000 stands for.
If we build a ramp with these properties this is the outcome:

With the 1/x=12 value, the resulting slope turns out as 8.33%. It could seem a bit obscure and strange, but it's simply dividing 1 / the desired percentage. In other words  1 / .0833 = 12.00.

Here is the equation applied to the ramp:

While we are here in this topic, let's solve one of those Revit issues that make us pull our hair out. At the time of annotating the ramp's slope ("Annotate-Spot slope"), Revit plays this trick on us:

This has to be a bug in the software, it is difficult to understand why it persists version after version. The solution to the "No slope" bug is to apply the spot slope in the 3D view, copy the annotation with Ctrl+C, and then paste with Ctrl+V in the floorplan view.


  1. how to calculate angle of banking in revit as its create automatically

  2. Finally, someone gave me a good explanation of the 1/X slope. Thanks