Monday, March 23, 2015


This method only applies for plan views, not 3D view. It's very useful when you need to dimension your core elements without finishes. Start by duplicating the architectural floorplan:

In this new plan open Visibility Graphics (VG) and hide everything you would not need to see in a masonry-works plan such as furniture, luminaires, cabinets, floor surface patterns, etc. It is important you do not hide doors nor windows, reason why further ahead.

Now it's turn to hide finishes. Still in the Visibility Graphics window, go to the right-lower corner and box check "Override host layers - Cut line styles" anc click Edit. Try something such as the following image:

This means wall cores remain visible in medium-thickness lines (3) and black color, while the rest of the layers will remain invisible (in white color). In this example I want the outer finish layer visible as gray dashed lines (Finish 1[4]). Click OK and go back to Visibility Graphics.

Now doors and windows. Expand the category's tree by cliciking  + , select ALL its subcategories and click OVERRIDE in the "Lines" column to change them all to WHITE color. Hide also their Surface and Cut Patterns.

What you get with that extra step is that doors and windows are still there in the view, they will just not appear in the floorplan because they're now white and without any pattern. This is necessary because if you hide them completely, for some reason, you won't be able to dimension cores at openings (at least I haven't). The following image explains it better:

Last step. When you activate the dimension tool make sure to choose the "Faces of Core" option so the tool can easily detect cores instead of finishes.

And that's it!! You have a masonry works plan properly dimensioned to cores without finishes.

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