Saturday, December 6, 2014


Sometimes your design calls for one or more walls with an angled end. Using Revit, if you extend corners of two angled walls they automatically join nicely like in this picture.
The problem arises when you need an angled end in a wall that is NOT joining another one. All walls in Revit end square, and you will always have what you see in the following picture:
Need an angled wall end!!!
Ok here is a solution I have found for this situation.
In this case I have a 20 cm wall with a 5 cm exterior stone cladding with the following properties:

Now the trick here is to duplicate this wall type and create a 5cm Stone Face wall type:

Sketch the new stone face wall at the desired angled right where you need the other wall to end.

Then apply a trim-extend to corners and you now have a clean join between the stone face and the compound wall which finally gives you the angled end.

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