Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Have you ever come across the situation where a view title's scale is not updating when you change the view's scale? Not even the "scale" label in the titleblock updates? Something like this image in which the view's scale is 1:500 but the view title and the title block both read 1:300:
View title AND  titleblock scale are wrong!!!

These labels are fully parametric, so why are they not doing their job?

To give you the reason why this sometimes happens I have to go back in time and show you what happened before.

When you assign a view scale such as 1:300 you have to choose "Custom Scale" because it is not included in Revit's predefined scales, right? So far so good. Now the problem arises when the dialog box prompts you to tick the "Display name" box and you type 1:300 assuming that you must enter this same value, for whatever reason.
It's very easy to think.... Display name? Sure I want the name displayed. What name should I type? The custom scale I´m using, of course. But once you do that, the scale labels will not update again whenever you change the scale of that particular view.

We have to understand why does this "Display name" option even exists. It's meant to display an OVERRIDE value of your scale. This value will substitute your parametric scale reading for another FIXED value, like for example "Not to Scale", or  "Scale approximate", etc. Here you will see that I typed x-y-z in the "Display Name" field and this was the outcome:

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