Monday, November 17, 2014


Corners in Revit's curtain walls behave very nicely. Here we have our typical curtain wall corner with a corner mullion applied.

But there are some times when we want to  have a clean corner glass join in our curtain walls. As soon as we unpin and delete the corner mullions, this is what happens:

We end up with a gap in the corner. One solution would be to "Edit in place" each of the glass panels. That's ok if you only have a few. But if you're talking about hundreds of them, it's not a choice.
The best solution I have found is:

1.- Create a WALL type with exactly the same material and thickness as the curtain panels. In my example I created a wall named "Glass Panel" with "Glass" as its assigned material and a thickness of 25.4mm.
2.-Unpin the corner panels, go to the type selector and exchange them for the glass wall. (Tip: in any curtain wall you can exchange any panel for ANY wall type!! Even brick, concrete, etc.)

3.-You'll see the corner perfectly joined now.

In case you're worried about tagging and scheduling, don't be. Everything works smoothly. In this example my tag label reads the "Type Mark" of each panel. I assigned a P1 type mark for inner panels and a P2 type mark for corner panels. See for yourself, annotations and scheduling properly done.

 By the way, if you're looking for the opposite situation where you're struggling with the corner mullions, see this fabulous video created by Autodesk Building Solutions


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    1. Thanks for the link to your website. Great curtain system and structure projects!

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